Saturday, February 15, 2014

Treatment Of Different Kind

I received another interesting e-mail last night.Not from another parent..But from another Mamma's son.He was one of the many that came across my blog for the first time yesterday on a blog roll.He wished to share his story with give me educate the share with me the sorry state of affairs our province is in regarding treatment for addictions..I asked if I could share his story..anonymously..he agreed..he thought it may open a few eyes..

He comes from a single parent family..much loved..has younger mental health issues...average student when attending school..His writing was quite articulate!!

How he started was not important he said ( he said he has to own
that part)..But once he started it was all downhill..He had been in & out of detox at the least 10 times!! Each time the only further treatment offered was a sober living facility( most times he said it was a 6 month wait after detox)Put his name on the methadone waiting list(  at times it was a 12 month wait ).He had support from home & family..he wanted help!! He was a IV drug user for his last 4 years using...he knew if he didn't stop..he was going to die..But he couldn't..that physical addiction was more powerful without Real help!! He needed support after detox..immediately after..not 3 months later..not 6 months later..Immediately after.

As he reached his 30th birthday he decided if he didn't get clean soon he wasn't going to reach number 31.
He was desperate..So he decided his best course of action was to use what was available to him..The plan was as follows:
Get into detox..he knew he would not last more than week without the drugs..or further treatment.
3 days after getting out detox he committed a few petty crimes..praying he would get caught..he did
He used his time incarcerated to complete any withdrawal..he was isolated..could not get drugs..time to think.
Ironically while on the streets he could not qualify for social assistance..but in Jail they come to you.. offering  Social assistance when you leave..It was his chance to stay clean..get on the methadone program..get off the streets..get a second chance at life..He made it :) 4 years in recovery..the downside of this method..he now has a criminal record which affects him each & every time he looks for a job..attempts to travel..Etc..But he said he is alive..and in recovery.

He was sharing his story to address my post on paying for crimes when our children break the law when actively using..maybe for is being done as a cry for help...a means of being able to get off the streets to actually get clean!!!! To show how lacking our system is in treatment!!! I am so proud of I am sure his family is :) In his case.. the means justified the end.

No one should have to go these means to receive treatment of any kind..Shame Shame Shame!!



  1. It's a sad situation when an addict has to go to jail so that he can detox. It is beyond frustrating that there are not many options available. I have great insurance and my policy states it covers in-patient treatment but when was son was finally ready to get help the insurance company rejected him stating he had not failed out-patient enough times to qualify. Well, I had him apply for secondary medicaid and then he was finally able to get the treatment he needed, how pathetic is that? Even after he overdosed in 2012 the insurance company still rejected in-patient. We are fighting here in New York to get legislation passed so that the insurance companies cannot deny in-patient. My son has been doing well for over a year and a half now, I thank God every day he is in drug court and on probation for the next five years, it is exactly what he needed, but should he have been denied treatment, NO.

    1. Erin I am so happy to hear your son is doing well..yes!!
      We have no drug court here..also no inpatient treatment program..That is where our fight is now..We do however have a few beds in other provinces for Treatment..The problem is to reach them!! Like New York..They must try everything else first..or know somebody that can access a bed for you( sometimes it's not how bad you need it..but who you know)..meantime our kids keep on dying..xo

  2. When jail is the only way to get clean, you have a problem. I am so proud of this individual that he was able to find recovery. It will provide a lot of hope for others. I pray that our system will get the investment it needs so that people do not have to suffer longer than necessary before they get help! When they ask for it, it needs to be readily available.

    1. How many times do we have scream that..They need it NOW..They just keep dragging their feet with studies..I see they invested millions ( 5 I think) into GeoSweep..A failed Gambling game..I am so proud of him also :)

  3. Thanx for sharing.I wish all those currently struggling with addictions find recovery.Keep up the fight,you are making a difference.Also thanx for comments about being proud of me ;)