Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Chance Encounter

Of a different kind. Not the romantic kind,although I was purchasing Valentine goodies for my grandchildren.

 While waiting in line to pay..it was a long one..A conversation started among those waiting..A topic very fresh in the minds of Islanders..The Big Drug Bust..so I listened as each one gave their views..each time cringing as the adjectives used were nothing short of ignorance and would have been deleted had they been on TV..I was disgusted & hurt that my fellow Islanders..always known for our friendliness & kindness had turned into this crowd of haters..

 My eyes met with a woman in the aisle over..I could see they were filling up..I knew she was a Mamma like myself..whose life had been touched by addiction.

 So..Much to my Hubby's surprise..I spoke up..more loudly then I intended..Well Guys..My son has addiction issues..Thanks for sharing your thoughts on his disease..How worthless he is..without even knowing him..My hubby & I truly appreciated you sharing with us today...Silence..red faces..then a voice so meek & mild from the next aisle..the woman I met eyes with..I lost my daughter 3 years ago to addiction..she wasn't who you portrayed her to be..she took her purchase and left..No more needed to be said..Hopefully it gave them something to think about..maybe learn about..maybe..Maybe..MAYBE..stand beside us in fighting for better treatment ??? Hey a Girl can Dream..xo


  1. OMG! Words cannot express how proud I am of you and that other lady. Wow! That took a lot of courage but the impact it had on all those people is significant. They will never forget it. Way to go!

    1. Thank-you..I've come along way baby ;) Thanks in part to you..xoxo

  2. Amen, people do not choose to become an addict it happens and the parents of those children did not say hmm I hope that one day my son/daughter will grow up to be an addict. They were once filled with dreams and promise so do not judge as some day it could be a family member of yours!!