Saturday, February 22, 2014


The whispers have gut whispering to my heart whispering to my gut..whisper..whisper whisper..

I am not liking what I am seeing this last week. Just a lot of little subtle actions,words,nothing tangible..but this gut feeling has never been so active...It can quickly escalate to a full blown in your face reality!!

It is his recovery,I will not retrace my own steps.I am putting it squarely where it belongs..His recovery..Or fall.
I hope...and I pray..and I scream, I am wrong..But that whispering...Pssssst Mamma


  1. Oh no! Praying that he is still on track or gets back on quickly. xoxo

    1. Today was a good Day..But he is certainly struggling & even tho he voices this.. to those who can help is being offered..Then again..I have only his word for this..Time will tell..xoxo