Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peak & Trough

Sounds like something that comes from a farm..But it isn't..It is a blood test..That apparently should be done in EVERY Methadone clinic to determine if someone needs an increase in their just looking for a high.

I have been researching alot lately about Methadone because my son is struggling..And I have accused him of using as he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms ( I'm Human ).I have always thought I was fair before accusing anyone of anything..I have to see the proof before I speak...Not the case with does not follow the rules...I see ..therefore I believe..What you see with not always what is going you better do your research!!

I reached out to an Addiction Specialist in the US for some guidance..She reached back..Don't worry I did my homework first..she is Legit..well respected..knowledgeable in the field..has published books.. wrote papers..runs her own Methadone minimal cost I might add.I am forever grateful to her..Our Addiction Specialist has left..therefore we have none.

So what have I learned from her is..My son may be one of a small..but no so small number that has a fast metabolism..given the fact he also has ADHD strengthens that fact..therefore the effects of the methadone peaks much sooner..the reaches a trough..thus it lasts nowhere near the 12 hours it is supposed to..Thus the P&T blood test..that tells the story.

If in fact this is the problem..the solution is a split dose of higher doses...most with this problem,when following the split dose do much better !!

If in fact if you have read any of my previous posts on methadone..I am always feeling very fearful about the long term effects of this route..But the more research I do..The more I am coming to the conclusion it is his greatest hope for long term recovery..and that's what we want for our children..That's what they want!!

I will share what I have learned with him..ask him to bring it up at his next Doctors visit..see what happens.
If Mamma has to go Advocate for him..Then I will..but let's hope they can at least listen to the simple blood test..and go from there...xoxo

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