Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Scary Ordeal

  Yesterday afternoon I decided to pop over to the instant teller a few blocks away.It is not in a bank ,but separate teller associated with the bank, but in a strip mall.I am one of those people who is always aware of their surroundings.As I approached the mall I noticed it was extremely void of cars due to it being Labour Day,however there was a Taxi sitting there in his car waiting for a call I assumed.As I carried on I noticed a kid ( probably about 19) cruising down the street on a bike ( a small bike,he looked huge on this bike).
  As I approached the door for the space the ATM is in I just had a chill come over me.The door had hardly closed as I had just reached one of the two ATM's,I heard the door being pushed open again.I looked around and there was the kid on the bike.As POA's we can spot them a mile away,and he was high on something,standing there,watching me,with a cell phone in his hand.A thousand scenario's went thro my mind what was going to happen next.The one sure thing was he was going to attempt to rob me.He was blocking the door,I was frozen in fear.
  Only on our small Island would you see a stack of Avon books placed next to the ATM for customers to take.I sure as hell wasn't going to take out money at this point, so I casually stood there at the instant teller,thumbing the pages the Avon magazine,while watching him on the mirror overhead,as he was watching me.I was praying for another car to pull up,someone else to walk in,anything to diffuse what was about to happen.I did manage to slip my car keys between my fingers to use as weapons If I needed to,I knew the taxi driver was still sitting there about a 100 feet away,I could scream!! A million things were whirling around in my mind,when out of the corner of my eye in the overhead mirror, was a white car pulling up,I was NEVER so relieved in my life.What happened next was unbelievable!!
  The doors of the car opened and out flew 2 police officers,the kid wasn't going anywhere as he was now trapped the same way he had trapped me,the only way out was the door the police were flying in thro!!
They grabbed him and one of the officers was escorting him out he turned to me and said " You stupid Cun#" ( god I HATE THAT WORD), I smiled through my tears and said nope..I am the Mamma of an addict.The other asked me if I was aware I was about to be robbed.Well I really started to cry and said yes,I knew..but I was stalling for time hoping someone would come along..And you did!!
   He explained this same kid had just stolen a wallet from a man at the Tim Horton's behind the mall..They got the call and were leaving to search for him when they spotted the bike and seen him thro the window. My Hero's!!  I am assuming the kid was angry because I did not take out the money,he would have grabbed it,be long gone by now,My fault he was caught!!
   The thoughts of what could have happen shook me to my toes.I managed to somehow make it home.It was there I really lost it.My god that could have been my son!! We see the devastation the drugs do our kids..we know they break the laws to get that next fix..I hope with all my being, he never put another person thro, what I experienced yesterday!!! Someone was looking out for me !!



  1. WOW! So scary! I am glad you listened to your intuition and that you are okay.

  2. It was very Scary!! I will never go to an Instant Teller by myself again!

  3. Oh you must have been so scared....and such a smart cookie biding time. I would like to think I would not have panicked but I am really not so sure. God Bless you, thank goodness you are safe.