Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well today is the day he goes into detox...I hope
Have not heard or seen him for 2 days..not a good sign!
I heard he took 1 day off..and another 1/2 day..another bad sign!
As he will be missing time and not get paid for those days he is in detox..this was pretty irresponsible!
What is he thinking????
One last hurrah before detox??? Scares me!!


  1. Oh no... I hope he gets there .. those beds are hard to get. I will keep him in my thoughts today and keep my good luck charm in my hand for you. I will send out positive wishes today for all of our addicted family members. Take care .:)

    1. He has been waiting over a month...He had better get there!!
      Everything crossed here!

  2. I hope he got there as well. Let us know if you hear from him. I have the patient phone number there if you want to call. Just send me an email and I'll give it to you.

    1. Apparently he is going today..Asked me to drive him there..At least I will know he gets there!! Thanks..xoxo