Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meeting Day

Well today is the day.The day we get to voice our concerns,tell our story,suggest changes with the Legislative Assembly.A friend told me just go with my heart,I am scared if I go down that road, I will lose it and flood the room with tears.

We have worked on a speech,hitting on just about everything.Hopefully we will get it all in the 20 mins.I have also printed out some info for them to read.I can only hope we make a difference...

 Apparently my son is going to Detox today,a fitting day to go !
He again expressed his desire to come home for a few weeks after detox.I explained to him he cannot come home, for 2 reasons.

1.It would be a trigger for him,as he always used here,Addicts he knows live only 2 doors away,Dealer lives around the corner.

2.I do not trust him,because of that it would be very stressful for me, thus I would cause stress for him,if he is serious,he does not need me questioning his every move.

Not sure if he bought it, but he dropped the idea!! ( for now)

I love my son

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