Thursday, September 19, 2013


  We had our kick at the can and I thought we did very well, considering I got emotional and shed a few tears.
My hubby was spot on with his points,he got down to the nitty gritty of the problem and offered great solutions.

   I also think I did well,Where I lost it was when they started asking questions,I found myself tearing up when talking about my son and his addiction.Add to that... he still is NOT in detox!!                     No beds..&*^% !!

   They ( being the members of the legislative committee) appeared to be attentive.

   I also attended the public meetings where I was equally impressed with the presentations given by many community groups,front line staff, Also Portage Atlantic, A 24 hour treatment facility in a neighboring province, that has beds for our children in their facility, when the Powers that be deem Our children eligible to go!! 

  We can now only wait and see what the results will be.The one common theme that ran through every ones submission's, was the need for seamless treatment.I think they got the point that 5 days in detox is not a treatment plan,if you can get a bed!!!

  The one thing that kept sending shivers up my spine was the word "youth". Meaning my son, who is 25, will not be eligible if they go that route.

Lets hope, that the seamless treatment is open to all ages.
Lets hope, that we see positive changes.
Lets hope, they move quickly.
Lets hope,we lose no more children while waiting.
Lets hope somebody listens and acts.
Lets hope...

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