Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here We Go

 I knew in my heart a few weeks ago, that something was up with my son,past behaviors,that were now showing themselves,although subtly at first.The subtle signs increased this past week.This weekend,I couldn't deny them anymore.

 I did not bother to accuse or question him,he knew,I knew! Yesterday, he popped in at lunch when I was outside with the new puppy.Then, I heard him drive away without saying good-bye.Hmmm, I searched out my purse that I had hidden and yes,he stole money.I was so enraged,and sad.He told me was waiting for a bed at detox to help with the withdrawal from the methadone he was kicked off from.Obviously he couldn't wait.

  He risks alot this time as he never fully recovered from losses of his last session with actively using.And the hole gets deeper!!

I can't afford emotionally or monetarily to go down this road again with him.Sensing something was up a few weeks ago I had all the locks changed on the doors.Time to widen the "distance"...I hope and pray he does go to detox before he gets too far down this dark road.

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