Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  811,The newest initiative our government has decided to invest OUR tax dollars on.Don't get me wrong, I do believe it will help people avoid the emergency depts, help with concerns regarding health, educate about illnesses,diseases,bring some comfort to those with concerns. It will provide information,help make the decision to call or not call 911.
BUT,There is always a BUT. My number one problem with this 400,000 a year investment is it states Addiction as one of area's, that will see a vast improvement through this system.I am not a Debby Downer but give your head a shake!! How can calling 811 help our Addicts ? A nurse in Nova Scotia( where the system is) answers their call and Says what???
  • Go to emerg-where you will be told either of 2 things,We do not treat addicts here,Or Have a seat,there is a 7 hour wait,Just what you need and have heard when you visit and are feeling suicidal.
  • Go to detox.Where you can wait for over a month for a bed
  • You just came out of detox and need help,Go to a sober-living facility,only a 3 month wait there.
  • In the meantime contact social services,they will help you secure shelter, sorry you need an Address to access that help,and the minute you mention Addiction,you are ushered out the door,not a viable illness to receive social assistance.
  • Contact your family doctor
  • God Help us!!! 
I just hope when & If Minister Currie announces his looooong awaited plan for addictions, The 811 system is not included in the investment monies allocated to Addictions!!!


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