Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ring Ring

After searching for the phone number for our new Chief Mental Health and Addictions Officer,I finally came across a number and put in my call and left a message.Last night the phone rang and there she was!! I was very impressed she took the time to return my call,especially after hours.It went downhill quickly from there.

She informed me she was no longer taking new patients,apparently the number I called was her private practise ( my bad).I then explained that was not what I was looking for.We wished to speak to her in her new role.Give her our experiences as Parents trying desperately to get adequate Addiction & Mental Health treatment for our son.

Did we try Mental health ? Yes
Did we try Addictions? Yes
Did we go for Family counselling? Yes
The problem lies within these systems..long waits..gaps a mile wide...a system that is not patient friendly..nor user revolves around the system and not the patients needs.etc etc.
She thanked me for my call.She is busy meeting with other groups,committees etc.
Watch the paper for upcoming townhall type meetings where parents & patients can tell her their concerns..sometime in the future.

My misunderstanding I told her.As we sat and watched you accept your new position at the announcement of the new Addiction Strategy, I thought I heard you say your door was open to wanted to hear from everyone?
A long Pause..Yes watch the paper.
I thanked her for her time,for returning my call..Au evoir..xo

Failed test 

P.S. She informed me Addiction was a very complex disease !

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