Monday, January 27, 2014


After just having a read a post by a guest blogger on a dear friends blog it made me cringe inside.
I will add the link so as not to take away from her words "Damned if they Do,Damned If They Don't"

As POA's we have all experienced this at one time or another with our Children.It is tough to watch.My son is very fortunate to have nothing but positive words about his pharmacy & the respect & friendliness he receives there.

I wish I could say the same about his treatment elsewhere.I will not go into the who, as I do not want to paint the whole system with one brush( or get sued!!).

It just irks me that a person in a professional position can be allowed to treat those he is supposed be helping in such an unprofessional way.It is not just unprofessional..It is sad. My son & I both sit waiting for his appointment and watch the faces of those coming out after their Appts.It dictates what direction he will take.Most of the girls come out crying & the boys red faced.At least he is prepared when he goes in.I have told him just to go with flow,bite your tongue,take the good parts & leave the rest,he is all we have and you need him..And he knows it, which allows him to do what it does..Treat addicts like dirt !! Ok maybe the next visit he apologizes..means nothing.My son has put in complaints,but nothing changes.And it won't change until better treatment is available.Attracting those Professionals in the Addiction Community that truly want to help !! Not get their Jolly's off by demeaning our kids.They deserve better!!..xo


  1. Let's keep on talking! Attitudes change when awareness is raised. xo

  2. I'm sorry but I'd have to be naming name and make sure he'd find his way to the unemployment line.