Friday, January 31, 2014

Clean Sweep

I had a really bad day yesterday.It started when I woke up and heard on the radio the police had arrested over 40 people in overnight drug raids, a four month investigation dubbed "Clean Sweep"
It was to continue all day with home searches and further arrests.

I kept waiting & watching for that knock on the door.Even tho my son has been in recovery for almost 4 months now,that fear,that doubt is still there.In a small population, 40 is quite a haul..this is sad.

The good thing is it has taken many many drugs off the street..and perhaps will help others to say I've had enough,time to get help.

There was no knock at the door.

My son remains in recovery doing well,for today.My heart goes out to those parents who got caught up in this operation,handcuffed,as the police tore their homes apart and took away their child..Or the children who witnessed their parent/parents being pulled away, This is the true face of addiction..Any way you look at it,it is a lose/lose situation.

My hope is some of those caught up in the sweep will reach for help and have the treatment available to achieve recovery and move on with life instead of death.

A a footnote to this news... it was also announced 5 Nursing positions were  to be cut in our Mental Health & Addiction Programs..Way to go !!! In a time when we are fighting for better treatment,increased beds in our detox,more openings in the methadone program, seamless care in mental health..they cut & slash..Yes people our government is listening..But not to those who put them in power.
Shame Shame.

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