Thursday, January 2, 2014


And how not to !

The holidays being a hard time for those with addictions,It is also hard for those in recovery.So much temptation.

For me it has been not wanting to control his every movement! It was a good test for all of us,a test none of us wanted to fail!!

He is following the rules & boundary's his Dad & I set up and not challenging them so much as when he was first in recovery.We all seem to be in a nice rhythm.Until the holidays.Friends calling,visiting,and invites.This was by far the hardest for me.

Although I would not trust him for a New York second,I could not control him either.So off he went Christmas Eve to a friends house( Non User).And home he came a few hours later,no worse for the wear.
New Years..Same thing. He survived,We Survived!

I have to keep reminding myself,daily,That only he can control his recovery and I have to step back, even when "I" think it is a misstep or he is not doing enough.

So for today we are in a good place,all in recovery,doing it in our own different ways,but doing it!


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