Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not in My Neighborhood

Since that day last week when I saw the ambulance down the street, I wondered & worried about that young man.As if I don't have enough on my own plate! When my neighbor called me over yesterday I wondered what was up.He was also concerned about the young man and asked if I had heard anything.Of course I hadn't and told him so.I had just seen the Ambulance..nothing more.

What Ambulance?? He asked...hmm that's why I thought you were concerned ?
No..He was concerned as he been letting the girlfriends of the young man in his house to use the phone..Girlfriends?..How many does he have ?..A few..Hmmm..Then he proceeded to tell me his story..
He had been allowing the girlfriends to use his phone..a land line..Just being a good neighbor..but he was concerned as now they are just walking in..no knock..They also try to sell them groceries & cigarettes..he is nobody's fool and knew it was stolen goods( Or food his Mamma was buying for him).But he had put a stop to it as he was now scared they could steal off him.Yes they could & would..Your phone is now out of order..and please lock your doors..even if you are home.He is not in the least judgemental..and I am sure he is aware of my son's addiction issues and does possess alot of empathy..But I do fear for his safety..I hope he heeds my advice!

So I asked my son if he knew this young man...he said yes..he has met him a few times in detox..he lets girls stay with him who earn their money.. selling their body's.. in exchange they buy him drugs. So he is a pimp..no they just crash there..OoooK.And they use my neighbors phone for what? ( I say this to myself).

This made me so sad..another scenario in the ongoing saga of addiction on our gentle Island.I just wanted to go over there and shake those kids silly!! But we all know it would do no good...Just makes me want to fight louder & harder for treatment for our children..It is getting worse everyday and no more is being done!!!
Wake up people! This could be your daughters tomorrow ! And if you think..No not my Daughter..No not my son..Think again!!

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