Saturday, January 18, 2014

3 months

Well here we are, just a few days shy of 3 months.Things are still on the right path.In fact this week I saw some really positive changes.Maybe to someone else they are nothing, but to those of us who are living this nightmare of addiction they are significant.

WE a family..real laughter..There is real benefits to laughter.It is sad when you say it has been awhile since I heard that sound in my house involving my son...but there it was.

He actually wanted to walk with me & our dog.We walked the trails,nowhere near people or houses..just trees & nature.He thought the exercise & fresh air would be good for him.When my boys were small & I knew something was bothering them I would take them for a drive in the car..It seemed to always allow them the opportunity to open up and share what was wrong in the tight quarters of the car.I thought perhaps that was the purpose here.It wasn't.It was just for the walk & fresh Air.It was nice!

He actually bought me a small gift..some wax melts for my burner.I was cringing when he handed them to me thinking omg did he steal these??? Then he handed me the bag to throw out..did I look for the receipt ?? You bet I did..and there it was..I'm not sure if he saw me rummaging through the bag looking for the receipt or if he gave me  the bag to show.. he did buy them..Not a word was said..I thanked him and smiled..The fact that he saw something & thought of me was a good thing..He is starting to think of others!

The week ended on a gut wrenching note... when I looked out the window to see an ambulance parked across the street.I waited and watched.When they finally appeared from an apartment down the street they had a young man on the stretcher..I recognized the mop of red hair peeping out from under the sheets.A young man I see alot on the street,Another young man battling addiction.You get to recognize them I am sad to say.I hope he is ok & gets some help.I hope his Mother, who I see weekly dropping of groceries to him, is ok. 

I hope we have another good week.. and I hope..and I hope..xo 

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