Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let's Talk

Here we are..January 28..Bell Canada's Day to contribute 5 cents to Mental Health initiatives for every text..call..etc. Actually a great way to bring out Mental Health talks into the open and help break down the stigma.Alot of those with addictions also have Mental Health issues..sometimes they go hand in hand..The importance of getting quality treatment for both issues is critical to getting control of their lives back!
Too Many have already lost the fight.

Today in our paper we had an editorial by our new chief mental health and addictions officer,Dr Rhonda Matters.It was a good Article..full of the work she is doing..ummm research..talking to professionals..front line staff..committees..etc..sound familiar..It should ..it is the same rhetoric we have hearing for years. I remember Our Health Minister touting much the same for years,well back to 2008 when he promised a youth residental program,then backed away.

I really want to believe things are going to change..but nothing ever does..Just the names of those making promises.I did notice Dr.Matters failed to mention she was meeting with Parents..Those with Addictions Issues..Mental Health issues..Just As Minister Currie failed to Acknowledge us at his Big announcement,They don't want hear from us..listen to us..hey we might actually speak the truth..keep us quiet with empty promises..wow how naive do they think we are..I see more parents speaking..Those with addictions speaking out..Time to test out Dr.Matters..I am making a call..Let's Talk Dr.Matters..xo

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