Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Purse Poll

I was listening to our local radio station this morning and they mentioned a poll that had been conducted.They had polled a 1,000 women,asking the question " What do you Carry in your purse?" The answers were the typical "necessities" women would need.
Curling Iron
phones etc etc..
Clean underwear
 It hit me then... none of the above is any longer in my purse !! I have no room for them!

For Women who are living with a loved one with Addiction...We Carry a much bigger purse these days !
I did not even have to dump out my purse..I know Exactly what's in it ! 
  • Kleenex-not a few-the whole dang box
  • My Journal and at least 10 pens
  • 2 cans of Red Bull
  • My cell phone
  • My Ipad
  • My e-reader
  • All my Jewellery
  • My Rosary Beads
  • My Worry Beads
  • My Lucky Charm's
  • A family picture before Addiction came calling
  • A picture of my son after Addiction came calling!
  • Bear spray ( ya never know who may come crashing through your door)
  • All the medications in the house
  • All my cards and my son's health card
  • An Epi-pen
  • A Narcan Kit
  • At home pee tests
  • Keys..for everything.. Including the safe which used to be a combination type..But I'm getting old and could not remember the numbers,we would change them so many times,so now we have a key-lock one.
  • My Grama's good silver ( minus the spoons) 
You get the picture..I used to love shopping for purses..a different purse for each outfit..a different color..A different style..I still have them tucked away..But it is not so easy changing purses these days..My only priority nowadays is get the Biggest purse you can find..preferably with padded shoulder straps as it never leaves my body..except at is tucked under my pillow with a big bell attached, so I can hear ,if it is being moved ! After my hubby goes to sleep... I slip the laptop under his pillow..I am so very grateful my son is in recovery before I graduated to a suitcase on wheels!! I used to notice other women's & gush over them..Now I notice sizes of purses and wonder..Hmmm do they have a loved one with Addiction ?

This is the sad reality..Many of you will understand..and those who don't..will never understand..xoxo


  1. I love this! So very true.

  2. I understand. I understand only too well.

  3. I completely understand, I slept with my keys under my pillow and everything locked up in a secret hiding place in my vehicle or at work. It was a nightmare to say the least. Still find things that are missing ... but I have my daughter back and she has been clean for six months and our entire family is on the road to recovery. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and helped us along our journey.

    1. I am so happy for you & your family !! Nothing but positive thoughts and Blessings for you all..xoxo