Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Step This Way

Today my son approached me to have a chat..a heart to heart with Mamma..No, it wasn't about his addiction..It was about reconciling with his old girlfriend.I have made it a rule not to get involved in his relationship woes ever again..but I did want... secretly, to know how things were going..without asking..soooo I just sat and listened..In my head I had many scenario's playing out and ALOT of bad memories popping was not a healthy relationship..for either of them! He surprised me, by telling me "He" had decided there was too much baggage..and a lot of stuff he did not want to revisit with her. His recovery was shaky at best and he did not want to set off any triggers or stress that would put this in jeopardy..Hallelujah !!

He did think tho he should start reaching out to make new friends..As much as he loved us.. hanging out with just us..was..getting a bit boring !! ( guess I'll have to find a new boxing partner for the Wii )

 As much as I wanted to say, do you think your ready ? I didn't..I only gave him positive feedback..stressing that part of his recovery was indeed ridding yourself of the old..and embracing the new..I am encouraged by this step..xoxo


  1. Sounds like your son is giving some serious thought to his future....that's wonderful and very encouraging!

  2. Great news! So happy for him and you!!