Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Open Minds

I have read many blogs on this subject so this post is not unique.In fact last month I addressed it in another post " Mines Bigger Than Yours"..I do not think for a sec, my posts will change anybody's mind, but this divide among treatment choices is causing harm.

My Thought process on Addiction treatment..is..and will always be..what works for one..does not work for all!!!

We also have to be open to moving forward with the times..Not that the old ways do not work..but new treatment options do also.

What I am seeing in public posts..blogs..is blatant discrimination..and Judgement..Like we don't have enough of that from the public..Do we really need that among our own movement? I think not!

Some believe those with addiction issues need to hit rock bottom before seeking help,  ..The new research has shown that could mean..and has meant..death..Why not bring the bottom up ? 

Educate yourselves on the facts of treatment options..do not believe everything you read...many are in it to sell their product..recovery homes..Rehab facilities..detox..etc.. To Make Money...Just as our addicts tell us many tales to get our money..so will those who are in the business,promising to "Cure" Our Loved Ones.

Do Your Homework

My concern is for those reaching out for treatment options..Just be happy they are reaching out..be happy they reach recovery..Advocate for your loved ones.. Encourage..Support..But do not try and control which treatment they chose...

Sometimes it takes many options combined to reach recovery.

It will be a journey of adding and subtracting..take what works..leave the rest..add something different..there is no magic fix..Trust the process..It could be a long one..But well worth it !!

Do not share your fears..negative thoughts..prejudices about the treatment..this will only make our loved ones second guess themselves..which in turn stymies their progress or hope of recovery..No" I told you so's " if it doesn't work! There is evidence based treatment that have proven different options work..from experts in the field of addictions..there are new options.."hope..fully"..there will more on the horizon..don't close your minds off to just one..what works for one..does not always work for another..
"This is fear mongering on the backs of our loved ones"

Stepping off my soapbox..xoxo

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