Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

For many this is the day to honor your Mamma's,whether it be cards,flower's,dinner out the family..It is the day, once a year to show her, we/you appreciate and love her.

I loved Mother's day when the kids were small..I loved the home made cards & gifts..the verses that did not rhyme..My favorite gift was always the biggest bouquet of Dandelions my son's could pick ! To this day it is my favorite flower.I loved spoiling my own Mom on this day..Since she is no longer with us,There is always a bit of sadness on this day.

This year I got a Special Gift from my oldest son..It was a box filled with homemade cards & homemade gifts, Made by my grandchildren...Love Love Love!!!

My Youngest son gave me the journey of recovery..His & Mine... and Dinner at my fav Restaurant.. on his dime !

If you see me out and about today, I will not be hard to spot..I will be wearing my dangling heart ear rings made out of play-do..10 para-cord bracelets of every color of the rainbow..A crochet head band with a Gerber Daisy pinned on the side..I will be carrying a canvas Purse with hand written messages from all of them..What more could a Mamma want !! I am Truly Blessed !

I do know for some Mother's, this will be a difficult day...I spent many Mother's Days with an absent son...You will be in my Thoughts & prayers...xoxo

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's !



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope you have a wonderful day with your son. He is fortunate to have a mother like you, who supports his recovery. I too, have much to celebrate this Mother's Day as both of my children are in recovery, one almost a year clean and the other about six weeks. It is amazing to actually begin to feel a bit of hope. I am blessed! Enjoy this special day!

  2. It is Amazing :) Although we never give up that actually see or hear the progress..just heightens the hope!! Having both now in recovery..Yes!!!...xoxo