Monday, May 12, 2014

The Mani

Not the nice relaxing manicure..But, the I am still here ...Mani-pu-lation !!

"When the words they speak compliment the actions you see"...They are truly on their way in recovery!

I hate Addiction

Even on Mother's Day it has to rear it's ugly head just to let you know...I'm still here.

Although his many, many, attempts did not did dampen the day..for my Hubby..I was able to keep on smiling..I did not engage..I did not even speak..I just kept on eating and smiling as they both bantered back and forth..It's going to be a Lonnnnnnnnng recovery Journey for this boy.

I admit to maybe... "whispering"... as I was chewing... a few choice words... they were inaudible !

Since I have chosen to work on my own recovery and let others work on their's it has brought me alot of peace...

Addiction loves it when we are weak & full of fear, both physically & mentally exausted..It thrives in that atmosphere with the
loved ones...Hopefully someday that monster will just move on..That Mamma does not live there anymore...xoxo

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