Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just Show up

I must start this off by sharing with you all the story of yet another amazing young man in recovery.His name is Chris Cull..You may not recognize the name yet..BUT you will !! He just wrapped a 4 month Journey across our vast Country, On his Bicycle, to bring awareness To the disease of Addiction and the effects of Prescription Drug abuse,All the time filming his Journey,Meeting with families,Listening to specialists, Researching,Sharing his story of recovery,Listening to stories of others in recovery,Giving hope to those still in the grips of this horrendous disease !!

I got a chance to meet..and listen to his story last night at an event held on our gentle Island..He brought tears to my eyes.You can read about Chris here on his Facebook page, Inspire . See where he has been...what he has done..and where he goes from here in his Journey, and his work on his Film, he hopes to release,telling his story.

Now I am going to rant!!

Although the organizers of this event ( parents) had a very short time to plan and get the word out..They accomplished it masterfully and  the word was well spread.“There was a passionate group of people who attended, but I would have expected the place to be bursting at the seams considering the extent of the problem on PEI. I shouldn’t be surprised as Addiction remains a dirty little secretstigmatized and shamed…Keeping many silent..and invisible”.

Yet..and here she goes !!!!!!!!!! I woke this morning to read on the the Facegroup groups..people complaining of no help..people are dying..not enough resources..someone has to do something !!

Ummmmm..You are all those someones !!!!!!!!

There was a room full of politicians last night at the event..perfect opportunity to share your story's....Show them we care....The people who organised the event..are the same people who ARE speaking out..Are telling their Stories..Are Pushing for more resources..More help..CHANGE!! Working hard to save our children !! With no complaints...They found their voices..They have overcome the stigma & shame..Their secrets are out...To save our children!!! They understand the strength it takes to do is not easy..and not a journey many parents..the public are able..or willing to take...BUT..By god get out there and support the Island..the politicians..that you are there at least..That you care what happens..They'll speak for you..YOU need to show up!! Not when a Crisis hits..Show up..keep showing up..put your support and presence behind these women!! It's all in numbers folks..We have Thousands of kids suffering..and we get maybe 30.....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Please Please..Help educate the politicians..Help Educate the public..Help these Women that are fighting for our Children!!!!!!!!! It is so easy to dismiss an lip service..BUT when Hundreds of people show up..Support the events..Support those speaking out..That my friends cannot be dismissed !!!! That is a visual caught on camera...That is impact..That's what gets things moving..changing!!

I do show up..I will continue to show up..because even tho my son is in recovery..Many many more are not..and I will show up for them also..I will show up for YOUR child,mother,father..please do the same for my son..xoxo


  1. I love this! While people may not feel comfortable talking or sharing their stories publicly just yet, their presence at addiction-related awareness events speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Your Welcome..I know people care..I know it's hard to speak heart just sinks when I attend these events and think if every parent,grandparent just came in much easier it would be to demand change with hundreds of family members standing behind us..I'm not giving up..HOPEfully they will see the power they have in just their presence..xo

  2. I can tell you first hand,the Power is in the people.It was not until our City started having people " Show Up" , that treatment for children took on positive changes.Lawmakers started listening,the public started listening!
    Keep on talking,and Showing up !
    Love your blog!

    1. Thank-you so much..You have just made my point ;)

  3. I love your blog and the articles you write, " I would love to show up and be a voice"
    but I have my addicted daughters two children to look after, work full time and have another child of my own. It is not easy to just " show up" . I have written to my MLA and the Opposition etc... I am one of the lucky ones at this point my daughter is in the recovery stage of her addiction and this has all come from the support of her family, who never gave up on her and her hitting rock bottom and wanting to be helped. It is a long journey 4 years of nightmares etc but it is all worth it. If I could "Show Up" I would. Everyone has different circumstances.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog and for writing to politicians,adding your voice..... It sounds like you are doing what you can and that is perfect!!! My post is written for the many people who can... and say they will show up... but don't...I am so happy to hear about your daughter..We can never give up hope...xoxo