Monday, September 29, 2014

Grama's House

I received a lovely e-mail this morning from another mother whose daughter is struggling with opiate Addiction.It was full of positivity..hope.She just wanted to drop me a line to tell me she enjoyed my blog and how much it helps her understand better her daughters Addiction...That she is not alone..that she has a place she belongs...I was humbled...


It is her story that is inspiring..and sad..and the reality of more and more women and men.It brings to mind the Quote " Be Kind..Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about."

She is also a grandmother..of 3 beautiful grandchildren..that yes..she is raising !

She has given me permission to share a bit of her story..not because she wants sympathy..because she wants you to know ,she is doing her part in the fight with the monster Addiction.You will not see her at the Rally's,The support group meetings..But she is there in spirit.

She was the " Sandwich Generation"..Raising her own children ( she has 6 children..all have left the nest).. while providing care and love to her aging parents as their journey on this earth,came to an end.

She is now part of what Stats Canada calls " "skip-generation households." There are more and more of these households as this epidemic rises.She Said" I could not turn those kids away..or allow them to placed in foster care ,I believe my daughter is sick..and could die from her disease..No different than any other chronic disease that the public views as respectable..such as Cancer..or MS." "I want to do this..for her..for my grandchildren."

She is cheer leading the efforts being taken to change the system.. to get adequate timely treatment ..from the sidelines..But she wanted me know she's there..with us..every step of the way!!

She is my hero..She and others like her..who are sacrificing,what should be the their golden do their part in the Dance with the Devil !

She told me.." I get no aid from social services..They have offered to help if I quit my job ( she has 33 years in and 2 years left for a full pension and benefits)..Quitting my job is not an option..So no help.

I hope and I hope some more..her daughter finds her way to recovery...xoxo
Thank-you for reaching out to me..You give me strength to carry on the fight..Please know you will always be in my thoughts and prayers..Hugggggs


  1. I have the utmost respect for people who are raising their grandchildren. God bless this mom/grandmom. God has a special place in heaven for her.

  2. Our family has the same type of Household . Grammie and Pepe are raising their two grandchildren while Mommy get better and who knows where Daddy is.?
    I too would never let those precious children go anywhere but where they truly belong . With their family. We are very lucky to have support from family, friends, school and the community. Financially we have left to sink or swim. But it is all worth it. Our daughter is in recovery and has been for a year and I truly believe without our family support and the never give up attitude I do not know where we would be today. Keep up the great work with your blog . I read it every day . Take care and I will be thinking and praying for the other Grandparents who are now raising a second family. Enjoy what is put before you , they need you and you need them. That's what keeps our family going. Its all for the children .

  3. Nothing is more important then family. We too have been raising our nephew because my brother is an addict. We would never let this baby be put into the foster system or adopted, who knows what would happen to him then! It has been so hard but family and the innocent victims of addiction need to come first! My brother is not doing well but you know who is? His son! Because he is with family!