Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mamma's Mustard Pickle

This was a spontaneous conversation... my son initiated with me yesterday, over a pot of bubbling,aromatic, soon to be, scrumptious mustard pickles !

Have you ever been so afraid it made you sick Mamma? Hmmmm..Lucky I was stirring that pot or that wooden spoon might have accidentally hit him !!

Yes I have..And you ? 
Yes, I'm afraid that I have ruined my life and I'm scared It will never be the same again.

Keep stirring the pickles Mamma...
                                                                                                                                                            Well Babe... it won't ever be same..It can be better!
As long as you don't feed the fears...Just keep looking ahead..no looking back !

As we sat down later to enjoy the first taste of this seasons batch I started to giggle...

I shared with him a question I read on site somewhere ( sorry I can't remember where) The question was asked in reference to people in recovery.Can a pickle ever evolve back into a cucumber ?

Maybe not..But that cucumber,with all the right ingredients..patience and hard work..Constant stirring with the wooden spoon..Can be the best damn mustard pickle !!!

Eat up and enjoy,
My Sweet Mustard Pickle...xoxo

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