Friday, August 29, 2014

International Overdose Awareness Day

This Sunday there will be many people & Organisations,  raising awareness to this increasing problem of Drug Overdoses.

Some are releasing balloons to remember loved ones they have lost. Others are having Candle Light vigils.Rally's are being held worldwide.

Because Canada does not track the stats on drug overdoses it is hard to pinpoint the exact number..The numbers according to each province across Canada indicated an astounding increase,Since 2009 of 49 percent!!

Canada is currently looking at the drug Naloxone to be more accessible  to save lives!!

Overdose is every parent's nightmare ,that has a child living with the Disease of Drug Addiction.

 In Ottawa,our Country's Capital, a rally was held today.It's message was very powerful and shows that the paths of treating Our children..In all aspects.. needs changing ! It was Shared on the CBC and hopefully people will  see what compassion..empathy..can accomplish instead of stigma and judgement!!

I am passing along the Article in hopes one.. 1..person will read it..Think next time they are about to judge our children..maybe..just maybe..have Compassion..Stand with us..Not against us!!


Drug overdose deaths can be curbed with compassion, ralliers say

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