Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 is for Opiod

A Pill so powerful your hooked in days...
People continue not to understand the potency of this drug..
This is not the pot and hashish of days gone by..
Where a walk to the 12 step rooms..brings you into the open arms of recovery.

Theses pills attach themselves to the brains receptor's.
They refuse to let go..
For years... into the path of  a recovery..
Holding those caught in the grip of their disease hostage.
Horrendous craving's..physical symptoms causing great pain.

The Recipients of this disease are as much distraught as the public..
They don't want to live like this..ruining lives..families..
They reach out..they give it all they got..
But O is the gift that keeps on giving..

They try again..a different path this time..
And again O..reaches out..
And thus the legacy of this little pill lives on...forever
or dies with the recipient..

When you have the world's best known Center's for Addiction..The Betty Ford and Hazelden( which have merged )..Now offering 3 paths to recovery..including..MEDICATION..such as methadone and suboxone..It speaks Volumes about the problem we have in our Country!!

For God's sake..For our Loved ones part of the better treatment..Not Judge..xo

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