Friday, September 12, 2014


I have so many holes in my tongue from biting it...I am thankful I have this blog to heal it!!

Finally yesterday we get word from Dr.Matters on her report( Mental Health & Addiction) ,that we have all been, eagerly awaiting, for over a year now .

Well Folks here it a nutshell.

  • Dismantle the Strength program for 7 youth,Add 5 beds..announce a" New" 1 Million Dollar 12 bed long term addiction treatment center for youth.Nothing more than a slight of  hand magic trick... to make things disappear and reappear as something new

  •  A New 12 bed Long Term Mental Health Treatment Center for Youth.Closing out the 4 bed unit at the hospital..add them to the New 8 beds. Another 1 Million Dollars
Total : Lucky 13..13 new beds for Addiction & Mental Health... for the thousands suffering with these diseases on our Island.


Now remember... these Facilities are still awaiting final approval and when approved will take a year to implement !

Did anyone notice ( I know you all did)..There was no announcement regarding anything..diddly squat.... for those OVER 24 !!!!!

I know we live in a disposable society..Hard to believe this also includes lives..The lives of those who have been struggling for YEARS with little to no help..except crumbs..or Jail..or death..It certainly gives them hope !! I know they would Thank-You ...from the bottom of their broken,diseased hearts !!!

I Thank-You...My son Thanks You.. For NOTHING..xoxox


  1. I was also so disappointed in the long awaited report... which sounds like something she threw together an hour before it was released. But, sadly, I was not a bit surprised. I met personally with Doug Currie and Michael Mayne who both made a lot of the right sounds and nodded their heads in the right places but did not follow through on one single thing they said they would. For Currie, it is all about votes. We didn't need a Chief Addictions Officer, we needed someone with enough common sense to look at the situation and recognize the immediate need to do something now. The fact that she took so long to come to that conclusion plus the fact that her proposed "solution" is still down the road, speaks volumes about her ability to assess the situation and do the job. Sadly it seems that solving the addiction problem is not the priority of the Chief Addictions Officer.

  2. Nor A priority for the government..But we have to keep picking at them..or they win..worse still..Addiction wins!!
    Thanks for your comment..xo