Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Slip

Apparently he did not relapse..It was a slip.
A relapse is returning to his drug use, forgoing all treatment and returning to his old ways of Using.
A slip is when he uses, but still maintains his program.
The fact he was able to stop after 2 weeks confirms the "slip"
Thus....He does not need to go back in for detox for further treatment.
The fact he was still getting his daily dose of Methadone..And using..attending meetings..and is still a slip ?

Slips & Falls are all part of the Journey of Addiction..This I got and understand..It's all in the wording and the opinion of the professionals I do not understand.

My definition of a slip get right back up..brush yourself off and keep going..You don't sit there for 2 weeks..

I am VERY happy, he is now back on the road to recovery..I am grateful "he" was able to see he needed to stop his self destructing behavior..I am Hopeful he will refrain from using this time... I will continue to live in the moment .. Let him own his recovery, slips & falls,one day at time..I am a work in progress..xoxo

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