Monday, April 28, 2014

Addictions Recovery Unit

As expected an announcement was made today regarding the opening of The Addictions Recovery Unit.
10 beds with a stay of 4 weeks,open to those 18 and over.
We'll take it !!

As most of us know who have loved ones battling addiction, that time after detox is sooo important..If they are sent back out without further supports in place, within a few days they are back using..This will help with those that do tend to relapse quickly.It may also give them the time needed to set up those supports..especially with the 3 new addiction positions recently announced to help steer and navigate through the system.

Is it enough..By no means !!! It is a step in the right direction, but the number of beds available leaves room for improvement....and the criteria ( which is yet to be released ..hmmmm).. I will take it with cautious optimism..considering 25 go through detox weekly..100 a month..with only 10 beds available.

I do hope this is not a bone thrown to us in place of a Long Term Residential Facility..Cause there is not enough meat on this !!

I truly do not think the public,the Politicians,The professionals understand our misgivings about their reports and speeches.My god these are our Children's lives !! Our Mother's,Father's,Sibling's,We want nothing more than anybody else, if it was their loved one, battling a Chronic Disease.You just can't give us a few choices for care..we need..and deserve..the full deal !! WE can't just throw up our arms and give up..We have already lost to many lives last year!! It is every parents nightmare to lose a child..why do you think we are any different!! WE will not give up the fight..There is nothing like the love of Mamma for her child...And they are all Our Children.

Parents of children with other chronic diseases get lots of support,from family,friends,hospital staff,neighbors..they get sent lovely cards..they get meals brought their homes..No one bakes us a one sends us cards with a simple" Thinking Of You"..Our Children get turned away at hospitals..We are by no means playing victims..We have found our voices..Overcome the stigma...and...WE. ARE. NOT. GOING. AWAY.

P.S. We are not Activists..We are Parents of children who have a disease !!

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