Monday, April 14, 2014

Rally For Change

It is the day before the Rally being held at the Province House !
April 15 at 5:30..Hopefully a day of Change ,for our province , who continually  ignore the pleas of Families, who are suffering Addiction & Mental Health Issues!

Diane Young spearheaded this campaign after losing her son Lennon Waterman to suicide ,late last year.
Lennon had been struggling with Addiction & Mental Health issues and the help he sought in fighting both these demons fell short..Seeing no way out, he took his own life.Lennon was one of about 20 last year that seen suicide as their only treatment to easing the pain!! That is just wrong!!

  • I hope that people will rally around Diane tomorrow !
  • I hope they will see the need for better treatment for Addiction & Mental Health!
  • I hope The public will see the faces of Addiction,The mother's & father's,The sister's,brother's, and see the devastation this disease creates!!
  • I hope the Addiction Community comes together in the thousands...because we are in the thousands !! We are out there ! Let's not lose another Child,Mother, Father to this Disease!!
  • I hope the shameful words of those that do not understand, do not keep us silent !!
  • I hope the politicians will come together as one..For once step up the plate and actually do something to address this problem instead of talk,talk, talk and spending millions on studies and research year after year, with little actual progress being made!!
  • I hope those struggling with addictions themselves will speak,how powerful to be able to tell their story, while surrounded by people who understand and are fighting for them. Give them a Voice! Instead of hearing, sorry we have no beds,sorry there is a 1 year wait,sorry you don't meet the criteria for treatment,sorry sorry sorry! 
  • I hope no other Family loses their love one, because they did not get a chance for a treatment that could have saved their life!
  • I Hope to see you there...xo


  1. I'll be there tomorrow. Thank you to Diane and people like yourself who speak for those who are affected by addiction. Something has to change. We have to make that change happen.

    1. For me, to see people speaking out or just by being there,standing in support gives me hope ! We may not be able to love our children into treatment, but we sure as heck can advocate for better services, So when they decide to seek help.. It is there !
      See you there..xo