Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just for Today

When I started this blog it was just for me..A place to come and get my feelings out..write them able to go back and read my previous posts...Kinda of a gauge to see how I was progressing in my own healing process...I think I've come along way !

But not I need to rant..and rave !!

My Gut is working overtime..I know this feeling all too well..and I hate it!!

I hate the fear that creeps into my thoughts, telling me this could be the time He doesn't survive!

I  am so angry people do not understand that Addiction is a Disease..But hopefully If we keep educating we change that..for some.

His options are so limited for treatment !

And no one listens..

There is a 17 yr old  girl Lying in the ICU due to her addiction..But sorry there is no money for treatment for addiction..But there is money to treat her when her addiction takes her to the brink of death..My heart just aches for both her and her Family..This is Insane!!

Every Dam person on this Island derserves and is entitled to treatment  under our Health Care System!! Known to Canadians as "medicare", the system provides access to universal, comprehensive coverage for medically necessary hospital and physician services."
Universal coverage for medically necessary health care services provided on the basis of need, rather than the ability to pay.
Yet Addiction remains a second class disease, that for some unknown reason is not treated in Our province Like the Health Issue it is.. stated under the Canadian Health Care Act.

Just for today I will allow myself this time to be scared & angry & feeling hopeless...
Just for today ..xo

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