Wednesday, April 9, 2014


He needs to embrace a whole new thought process

He doesn't have it yet and recovery may be long hard road for him.

He just isn't willing to give up that control.. to something that could help, anything that changes his self-destructive course, that in the end,may make his life better..or save his life!

I see the same old behaviours.
It is everyone else's fault..I can do as I please..I know it all...I'm doing great! I'm in recovery!

 Support without enabling is darn hard..But it is making my life alot easier !..He constantly challenges, has this sense of entitlement..always the victim.

Until he sees himself as the driver of his own journey, has his GPS system turned on,has a road map handy in case the GPS fails..He is going to have a very bumpy ride, riddled with potholes and filled with wrong exit ramps!

I.. on the other hand, refuse to drive with him anymore. I'd rather walk ..xoxo

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