Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflections on 2013

  As I opened the morning paper I was reminded what the year 2013 was about on our Gentle Island."Addiction"...And I cried.It is so sad when the lead story for 2013 was about the murder-suicide of a young woman & her young son swallowed up by addiction.Tremendous loss to all families involved and the community as a whole.And everyone judged..blamed..pointed fingers..and all I could hear was the incidious snicker of addiction in the background,like the monster it is celebrating it's most recent catch...and the many young lives it stole before & after this incident..and significant steps to tackle this growing problem!!

  It was this story & my own son's dance with death, that was playing out at the same time,that brought me out of the shadow's and into the fight for the much needed treatment for our children.

  It was a year of hell..but out of the ashes came sooo many blessings!!
It was the people...complete strangers, that reached out to me when I was inwardly & outwardly screaming for help.
Some with a simple sentence " I understand what your going thro"
So much advice & words of wisdom from those that went down this path before me and continue now beside me!!
Allowing me to heal,to be come stronger,better informed, more understanding,trying anything and everything to help my son get on the path to recovery.
It was a perfect mix of loving caring people, to the straight shooting,in your face,reality checks that I needed .
Thank-you to each and every one of you !! Many will not even know it was their words,gestures of kindness,stories shared,writings of their own that reached out to me...touched me,enabled me to heal,while NOT enabling my son.

This last day of 2013 brought me a son in recovery,struggling each day to maintain.. but so far successful!

To my 2 biggest cheerleaders,supporters and my biggest blessings this you both Rose & Chris..xoxo

Ode To Addiction

You think your so cunning
So Smart and Tough
Consuming my son
Well This Mamma's had enough!

I'll do what I must
To defeat your curse
My son will grow stronger
And not ride in your Hearse!

The gloves are Off
You've met your Match
I'll meet you head on
Everything you throw,I'll Catch!

Those words that you Spew
Using his body,thinking it's cute
Does not scare me anymore
I'll just put you on mute!!

You think you've got him ?
That I don't see ?
MY little boy..
Screaming out for me!

His outside has changed
He looks tired & sick
He's just your vessel
To blind me with your tricks!!

My eyes are wide open,
My Mind is set!
This Mamma means Business
My Son you'll not get!

Call me a fool,
Call me Naive,way off track,
Call me the Mamma
That Stole her son Back!



  1. Love this entry and that poem! You are an amazing and strong person. Your son is lucky to have such a wonderful mama, and I am proud to call you a friend and also one of my many blessings in this journey. May you all enjoy a peaceful and happy 2014.

    1. Rose My sweet friend,The day we sat side by side at the BIG announcement on addictions,I knew we were truly kindred spirits..Not that we both were there..But As soon as the first speaker spoke about our Island needing more treatment for our youth..My eyes starting filling up with tears..I'm frantically looking around in hopes no one noticed this tough mamma crying,when out of the corner of my eye I see tears rolling down your cheek also...This is exactly what this province needs..people with passion..compassion..and tough enough to be combatants in our war with Addictions!! Is it also not fitting that for today, our sons are in recovery! Happy New year my friend..xoxo