Sunday, December 22, 2013


Thought I should update,been really busy,tis the season!
My son has been really well this week after a rough go for a few days,Back on track & his actions are speaking in unison with his words.I read somewhere we know when they are truly into recovery when their actions match their words.This has been the case this week! It has been a good week!

Christmas & holidays seem to be a hard time for those with addictions,hopefully being surrounded by the love of family will keep him safe & in a good place.

I am also so lucky to be surrounded by such loving caring people in the Addiction Community,without them I wouldn't have made this far with my sanity intact( most days).

For me it has been kinda like a witches brew,I add a little of this & that..take out what doesn't work,put in something different..For now it seems to be working..Thanks to advice I have gotten from people all over the world..and all walks of life..It is such an nasty disease in what works for one does not work for all...Trial & error,the whole time hoping,praying that this time he's got it.I just refuse to let addiction win with my son..I hope he has the same mindset..xoxo