Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Insensitivity,Call it what you like but a letter to the editor in our Daily newspaper really made me angry!!
The funny thing is, I sat behind this man at the hearings on addiction,he also gave a great presentation on his own addiction to alcohol and what helped him reach Sobriety.

But today's letter was just plain Ignorance.The sentence that really got my Irish up was: Round up all the dysfunctional families and offer them support as these are the families that " Produce " the addicts.

 I Wonder where he has been the last few years when the families that "produce" the addicts have been slowly coming out and speaking up. I Wonder if reads the daily newspaper where the Doctors,Lawyers,RCMP,Pharmacists, Youth Workers, etc that have been charged for dealing,stealing to support their own addictions or does he just read his own letters that get printed!! Addiction does not discriminate!!  I Wonder does he realize Addiction is a disease!! I wonder...and I worry..statements & opinions like his just set us back in looking for treatment for our families.

I feel a letter to the Editor coming on....


  1. I also was furious when I read that letter and wished that there was a way I could have commented on it. His statement really shows his ignorance of how addictions work . I wish he could spend one day in my shoes with my two addicted daughters just to see how a "normal" family with two loving very involved parents with good jobs, a nice home and no addictions whatsoever have ended up in this situation and had their lives ripped apart. Everyone wants to "blame" someone else for the addiction problem instead of trying to help fix the problem ....I guess it takes the focus off the fact that there is little or no help on PEI for addicts. My eyes have really been opened as to the lack of compassion from Islanders.

  2. Sadly, you are right about the lack of compassion.The only people who are helping our Children to get adequate treatment are the Parents and we can only go so far because of lack of treatment available !! I'm not giving up the hope that with many Parents speaking out..we will be heard!