Sunday, December 1, 2013

2 Weeks

Thought I should give you an update on my son. He did not get accepted into long term rehab this time.One reason being his ex-Family Dr.decided he did not wish to provide a letter of support.

So I had to think fast on what to do next, since he was already in detox.  After many unanswered phone calls to the Addiction Center I decided to go out myself.A good friend of mine told me to remain calm ( I often react with my heart ), But refuse to leave until I was able to speak to someone about my son's treatment plan, upon leaving detox.I had no problem seeing someone.A wonderful Nurse who knew my son quite well from previous visits to detox.I remained calm throughout our meeting.To my surprise she agreed with everything I said including the part where I told her detoxing our children for 5-7 days and putting them back on the streets was more of a relapse program...a revolving door of detox..relapse.Also to my surprise she had my son down pat !! I told her I felt without treatment for both his addiction & ADHD he was doomed to fail...He is his own worst enemy and needed much more than detox.She asked me to leave it with her and she would see what she could do,as she already had been working on keeping him for longer than 7 days.I had a good feeling about her and trusted she would do her best to help him.

The next day my son called sounding very upbeat and actually hopeful,they had taken him into the methadone program.

Later that day The Doctor called me..Not only was this monumental...But the fact that I just arrived at my oldest sons home 1500 miles!! He wanted to explain to me the program he was setting up for my son..double wow!! Apparently my advocating for my son,The support of the nurse and talking with my son himself gave him more insight into his addiction and some of reasons he was not successful thus far in any form of recovery .As much as I wanted to say..duhh there was no help offered..or available..I zipped it shut and listened.

They kept him for 10 days
Started him on methadone
Set him up with a counselor
Put his name in for a sober living home
Appts weekly with the Doctor
Addressing his ADHD with medication to be taken when he goes for his methadone.
Group meetings twice a week
NA meetings at The center
random urine tests( which has happened twice already)
Structure..Structure..structure..Exactly what he needs!!!

Yes he was on methadone before,but thro his family doc...and nothing more..There is accountability of other addicts..and did I say Structure!! He is back living with us..with rules & boundary' enabling.

My support system is in place...always just a phone call or coffee away ;)..My e-mail Buddy who has helped more than he can ever know, by providing me with support & knowledge from his experience of living with addiction and now being clean for 10 years!! And my SESH (Sharing Experience,Strength & hope) Book!!

My son has now been clean for 2 weeks today...and we all know take it one day at for today..It is a Great Day.I am learning to live in the moment...I remember my first battle with Cancer when I would bargain to live to the expiry date on the Milk Carton.Different disease,Different times,no bargaining...Just living in the moment...xoxo


  1. This message is wonderful. Your family deserves this. Your son deserves this. I hope there will be more happy experiences like this for other families too and that they won't have to wait as long as we have to get the help. God bless you all. xoxo

  2. I agree Rose,Hopefully more families will have their loved ones back home for christmas..As always..thanks for your friendship & endless help!!