Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I know a few people read my blog,I have a question,please share your answer even if it isn't what I want hear,It may be what I need to hear!! This has been a stumbling block for me,My brick wall.
Here Goes:
If Addiction is a disease ( a fact we all know),Why is it wrong to help them get well,I do not mean enabling them,I think I have that one ( almost) mastered.Every blog I read handles things differently...and each outcome is different no matter what they do or do not do...some for the better..some for the worse.I don't know if it is my nursing that prevents me from taking that final step of handing it over to a higher power..Or if it is just me in denial..making excuses..making me feel better by helping..I do not know...It has been compared to cancer..diabetes..etc..In the fact they need the best possible treatment..If it was Cancer..I surely wouldn't say..your on your own...It is your disease..you handle it..I know it is their choice to use..But after that the drug is in charge..Not them.
I guess I'm asking as I have had a few e-mails regarding my fighting on my son's behalf for better treatment..That I am wrong in doing this..What is wrong about that??? He has a disease..He needs treatment that is not available here..I know if he gets the treatment he needs..and screws it up..I will be done..But I feel until he gets that chance I cant stop fighting!!


  1. Advocating for better treatment options is not a bad thing, ever. Hopefully, if those options are made available your son will embrace them . If he doesn't perhaps someone else will.

  2. Thanks Sheri..My thoughts exactly!! Huggs

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an advocate for your son while he tries to get the life saving treatment that he needs. You go girl!

  4. Love the word Advocating Girls..I will keep going !!!

  5. At some point I have seen the addict gets lost in all the red tape and the stress of it all is very overwhelming. After awhile they feel that there is not any help out there and nobody cares. And then they themselves give up hope. As a parent I feel it is our role to help them seek treatment options and help them to make their first move, whether it is going back to detox, see their doctor again or whatever else is out there that they can grab onto. I do not think the addict is capable of doing this themselves. They need our help in this way and if they fail or do not follow through, you did not fail they did. They will have to try again and again. This is difficult for everyone but you keep on making your calls, emails and going to the media. You are awesome and I hope and pray that someone will listen and give your son another chance. This could be the time that he is ready and someone is there to hold his hand other than you. Take care.

    1. Your post brought tears to my eyes,Thank-you so much for your comment,your words are comforting and just what I needed to hear!