Monday, October 28, 2013


  So I am back from vacation...A wonderful 10 days full of smiles & giggles & so much love..what life should be about..I was kept so busy I had no time to think about what was going on at home...except when hubby called...I am not going to ramble on about what went on at home when I was away...lets just say nothing good happened.

  I have however came to a few realizations..realisms..reality checks...foolishness..whatever you want to call them...It is what I have do for me...for him...
  • He cannot live here..
  • We will not fund his habit,drug dealer etc.
  • I cannot find peace until he receives "Adequate" treatment,which I believe he now wants for himself,and is doing his part to stay alive long enough to get it.
  • I cannot let this anger go,I can let go of my anger toward him and what he has put us through,as he is sick.The system is failing him..when he wants to succeed..reaches for help...there is no help...maybe the system can let him die..but I sure as hell can't..without a fight.
  • Boxing gloves are on and I am going to talk..scream..whatever it takes to get, not only for my son,but all those son's & daughters on our fair Island the help they need!!
  • I am Angry..soooooooooo Angry at a system that is failing our kids...Not only the "Youth" But all of those that suffer from Addiction.
  • I am tired of him going to detox ( 7 days),Then nothing..back to the streets..
  • It is a system designed to set them up for failure!!
  • It is a system full of predjudices...If you do try & access what little programs are available...Your too longer qualify for youth programs...If you work..sorry these programs run from 8-4...Sorry there is a waiting list..sorry sorry sorry..
  • Ask Questions...we will get back to you..They never do some get access to programs licky split..and others turned away???
  • WEll I am going to get answers...and I will not stop until I do...Squeaky wheel gets the grease..I am going to squeak like a bansheee till I do...
  • Yes I am ANGRY!! 
  • Gonna get me some Peace & love anyway I can..xoxoxo


  1. You go mamma! Talk to the folks at Mount Herbert about his accessing more treatment options. I personally think Homewood would be really good for him because they deal with mental health and addictions together. Clearly, what was offered in the past did not work for him. He needs something else. He has to be on board with it, though. He'll need to sit in on the meetings. Good luck! I am cheering for you.

  2. I couldn't agree more..Homewood is exactly where I want him to go...And by god I am going do everything in my get him there!!
    Thanks for the support...makes me Goooooooooo harder...xoxo