Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Fork in Road

It has been a full week since I started this blog.My purpose in starting it was to help myself deal with my son's addiction,by journaling,writing down my feelings,getting them out of my mind.In hopes I would have a better understanding,better coping skills,become stronger,Try and heal...I,We were at point in this journey that seemed so very, Dark and Bleak..hopeless..And I was so disappointed in myself for feeling this way because that is NOT who I am...It was time to, as my Grampa used to say " take back the reins" !
As I reread my Blog I noticed how it is more about my son and his demons rather than ours as Parents...I dove full force into reading blogs about addiction...It helped immensely to know we were not alone and although our Journey's are different in many ways...And so similar in others...The One common thread is always the same...To help our children whether they are 14 or 40 !

I have visited many sites about addiction offered by professionals..Doctors..addiction specialists..Addicts them selves..etc etc etc..

 I researched 24 hour facility's,As we do not have one in our area that my son can the criteria for admission...Their Misson statements...Philosophys'..Was there a medical component..Do they treat the whole person..and so on..

I have read the stats..followed links that lead to me to some excellent information, All in an attempt to help fill my mind with knowledge to help with my son's Addiction, instead of sorrow... and the occasional Pity party!!

So I came to realize My blog has kinda veered off the path...Taken the wrong road for what I meant it be..A blog about our Journey with Addiction..Our missteps and triumphs..Our feelings..Our Knowledge about this disease..

I know the Young man that we love so much is somehow lost, in this nightmare of Addiction..I also know the choice was his to start down this road..But I learned that once that first choice was made..The Addiction took control and it is making the choices now..My hope is that my precious son can emerge from It's tentacles and start on the road to recovery ! That is my Hope.

So I will attempt to go back to that fork in road and take another path..The path of Our Recovery, with an update from time to time on how my son is doing on his Path.

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