Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Homecoming

Today is the day...After 6 weeks in treatment,my son is coming home.I missed him...of course I have missed the man/boy he used to be, since Addiction stole him away.Even tho I have seen glimpses of him over the years,these past 3 weeks I have heard my funny,loving,kind son more than I ever have.

I am hopeful he has picked up more knowledge,more strength,more self-esteem to continue his journey in recovery on a more solid path.

One of things he has talked about is strategic planning.This is something he has never done before.His only pre-planning was "When the cats away,the monster will come out to play".This is a good sign !

It is also a good sign that "I" will not get in his way.It is his recovery.I will sit on the sidelines and cheer him on, continue to Support & Advocate.

Today is a good Day...xoxo

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