Saturday, July 5, 2014

Transition & James Dean

It has not been a smooth ride .. This Transition home...for both us and our son..A week of ups and downs.

As the week comes to an end so does the life of a special man in my life.
He was my anchor,my protector in my early years growing up in the midst of addiction.

He was like a white knight riding in on his horse to swoop me up and lift me out of the chaos...and drop me into the simple life of a farm..a busy life full of chores and laughter..surrounded always by the love of my Dad's Family..He used to come and say..Vacation time Kiddo..pack your things.. I had many many vacation days at the farm..I had no Idea what chaos was going on at home..he protected me from that in my early years..He also gave me my first dog..who lived to be 21 !!

He was so Handsome..A James Dean look-a-like..jet black hair and eyes as blue as the sea.

He is my Father's younger brother..My Favorite Uncle..

He was a Bad my son..but I never saw that side of him.It's funny how the heart responds to someone who has been so special to you,you overlook that side..I was always happy to see matter what turmoil his own life was in..and he was always same with me..We had a special bond. We actually have sons the same age.. So he was always my Big brother..That is the kind of bond we have.I am so lucky to have such a big family on my Dad's side..As I was the oldest Niece..we all grew up together..what seemed like years between us when I was a wee one..grew increasingly smaller as we grew instead of Uncles & Aunts..they are now my brothers and sisters.

His days are running out of hours.. His own Transition from this world to the next has begun...He knows how special he always was to me..and will always matter where he is..

Over these past 5 years with my son's struggle, I longed for him to swoop in..and say.."vacation Time Kiddo". But Life happens..We grow up..

Love you.My James Dean..xoxoxox 

Update : Fight is over..peace and a party as he rejoins his siblings and parents waiting for him with open arms, that passed from this world to the next before him...July/06/2014


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