Monday, June 23, 2014

Coping With Addiction

From Time to Time I hear people talk about there being 4C's , In reference to Addiction. I believe there are only 3.
The 3C's being You didn't Cause it,You can't Control it..and you can't Cure it...The 4th C  was Cope.."You can learn to cope with it."

Coping by definition according to wikipedia is:In psychology, coping is expending conscious effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems, and seeking to master, minimize or tolerate stress or conflict.

Hmmmm..It bothered me this word Cope in reference to Addiction.

We all have coping skills..and we use them in Daily life..But I must have missed the part on" We have to learn to cope with Addiction".

No..We have to Heal !! We have to address our feelings,and give them the attention they deserve..they will be painful..but we must experience them in order to let them go and heal.

For me, My coping skills were just masking the problem..Until I could no longer Cope and realized There are not enough skills in the universe to cope with this Monster of addiction.

If I truly wanted to get better..because we are all just as sick as our loved ones,I needed to heal myself..I had to reach deep within my soul and start on my own recovery..It was not an easy Journey to get to this healing Place..But I knew..Unless I got well..I could be of no use to my son,In supporting him heal and reach his own recovery. My family deserved their Mamma Back,My Hubby his Wife..etc..I deserved myself back.Not this broken woman who some days couldn't even get out of bed..It just isn't enough to cope..You have to heal !!!

So for me..It will remain..The 3C's..Just my humble opinion..xoxo

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