Tuesday, August 12, 2014

O Captain! My Captain!

The first time I saw Robin Williams in a serious Movie was the,      " Dead Poets Society", where he read Walt Whitman's Poem ..It is fitting today... as Walt wrote this poem as a farewell to Abraham Lincoln..a Poem of farewell..of mourning..

I grew up watching Robin..first in Mork and Mindy..and I was hooked..he made me laugh so hard..and yet..there always something dark..sorrowful..haunting about him..It wasn't until much later..when he became a big star and I watched an Interview he did with Larry King.

In this interview he talked about his demons..his depression..his addictions to alcohol..to drugs..that I understood what I saw.he talked openly and honestly..sharing his story with the world.

He will missed..by soo many people..I will miss his humor..the from the bottom of toes to the top of head laughs that he brought out in me..his serious side..I will miss him..

I only hope..like all the Mamma's out there..that his death will bring more awareness to our children's battles with their own demons...the need for more help..treatment..understanding..destigmazing these diseases of Depression and Addiction..wake up people..O Captain! My Captain! rise up and hear the bells

Rest in peace Robin Williams..Your fearful trip is done..xo

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