Saturday, July 26, 2014


Mary was a Mamma just like many of us..led down the path of addiction with her son..It is a family disease..we do get just as sick as our children..Please.. if you are struggling with a loved ones addiction..get it another you wont feel it a support group..or professional help..better yet all 3!!

Mary decided she could no longer walk this path..she took her life..not what we expect to hear..we expect to read about her child..but not the parent..Broke my heart when I heard this..right to the core..She belonged to an online group for family's with loved ones suffering with addiction..she advocated..she loved her son..obviously she suffered more than anyone knew..Please reach out if your feeling helpless !!!

I joined a group a few weeks ago..NOT on addiction..BUT..It always comes up in some form or another..I was sickened by the names my son..and others who live with disease of addiction were called!!! The public does not get it..We need to educate them more.. We need to fight for better treatment...we need to find our voices and speak up..for our children..We need to stay strong and not let ignorant people keep us down..It will kill us !! Just as it is killing our loved ones!!

Give you son/daughter a hug..tell them you love them..they are in there somewhere in the grimy hands of addiction..then get help for you..You need to stay healthy !! The best thing we can do for our loved ones is get healthy..get on our recovery..if not..addiction wins!! F$%^..I hate addiction !!! What good are we to our children if we stay as sick as they are ????

I no longer give a Ratzzz Azzzz what other people think of me..or my son..he is sick..Who gives up on a sick child ???

I am not going to be another statistic..I am not going to be let the publics perception of my son..or me..Bully..shame.. stigmatize ...keep me prisoner in my home.. Quelle my voice....ever again !!!

My deepest sympathies to Mary's Family..huggggs
Mary ...I hope you have found peace...xo

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  1. I agree completely, Mama. The pressure and stress from keeping quiet about my kids' addictions is overwhelming at times. Last weekend was the worst of my life as I found out that my youngest child starting injecting drugs. I am fortunate to have a couple of good friends whom I share everything with. It kills me to hear the terrible things people say about those with addictions when I know that no would ever "choose" to live like that. There are days when I want to scream the truth from the roof top as I am at the point where it would be a huge relief to let it out but it is my kids that would suffer. Rest in peace, Mary.