Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Review

 I ran for the shore...My refuge when things are not going so great...I had such hope for that damn report..and it left both myself,but most importantly my son down.He also was awaiting it,in hopes of some kind of treatment in the immediate future..But it was void.
 My son came over today to do laundry,have a good meal & shower.He looked sad & sounded almost hopeless..There was no manipulation..Only talk of recovery,treatment,a better life.He was sick,I could see it in his eyes,his voice.While he was here Detox phoned regarding a bed.He explained he was working,2 weeks left, if they could arrange a bed around that time,she promised to do the best she could and keep him on the list to ensure when he was done, a bed would be available quickly.Bless her heart!!
 We are working on a application for out of province treatment..we will see where that takes us.Very few get it..I pray he does..I'm scared of his talk,his look,even in his darkest moments in the past,  I have never seen him like this..It causes me great concern & fear.Recently I have reconnected with an old friend I have not seen in years,She just lost her son to addiction..She is going thro hell..her reality is my greatest fear!!
I have an appointment with my Family doc this week..perhaps he can help regarding my son's mental health.I do know I can't fix him,only he can do that...xo  


  1. I know what you mean about the report. I was a mixed bag of emotions since it was released, and so were some other people that I talked to. I felt down on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, I decided to focus on the positive parts and began to feel a bit better. It is far from perfect but it will help many people. You should set up an appointment with Dr. Matters right away to discuss your case. She should go to bat for your son when his application is being reviewed. She is supposed to be an advocate so let's put her to the test. :) Good luck, my friend.

  2. I am happy for what was offered.It will help,But it is so little in the grand scheme.I guess I set myself up thinking something would be offered for long term treatment.I just hope Dr.Matters doesn't have to study this also!! I think I will stick with my plan for now..see what happens..Our Luck she could put a wrench into the process with delays..If it does not work..I will be knocking..No Busting in through her door!! ;)..xoxo