Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas

It's been awhile since I have updated.Tis the season.

I use to Love this time of Year..not so much anymore..I have made a conscious effort this year to get back into the spirit of Christmas.My son remains in his version of recovery..I in mine..It is a hard time of the year for family's who have been visited by addiction..the gift that keeps on giving..and giving ..and giving..My son has been given the gift of recovery..for today..I hope he doesn't return it ! There were many Christmas's without him at the Family dinner table..Gifts unopened..a constant reminder he was wrapped up in his addiction..minus a pretty bow.

Twas The Nightmare Before Christmas

And all through Our home,
Every creature was stirring,
And out on the run..
Searching the streets for our missing son.

No visions of sugar-plums,
Dancing in our heads..
But visions of fear,
We'd find our son dead.                                                                                                                       

 Now Go Percs,Morphine,
 Oxy, and Crack..
 Dash away..Dash Away
 And don't come Back !

Then came a noise
A red flashing light
We peeked out the window
Frozen with fright

There on the street,
Lay a Red Santa's hat,
My son on a stretcher,
I jumped in the back!

Then in a twinkling,
Full Speed ahead
I thought of the Christmas's
He was snuggled in bed.

The doctors were there,
All dressed in their greens,
Nurses were flying..
It was quite a scene !

He was skinny and gaunt
No resemblance of an Elf
He was pulse
Just a shell of himself.

As I clenched that Santa Hat
Close to my heart
I prayed for a miracle
As they grabbed for the crash cart.

They spoke not a word
Went straight to work
His body straightened and started to jerk..
The doc laid his hand on my shoulder
and said..
He's back,we saved him..go home to bed.

I sprang to his side,
Whispering in his ear,
Merry Christmas sweet man..
His lips moved , in a weak voice he moaned.
Merry Christmas Mamma..I almost made it home.

Merry Christmas to all..To all a good night..

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