Tuesday, October 21, 2014

United We C.A.N.

It is truly the first online group I felt I belonged in!

Please Please ask me why???

It is all about Change!!
  • Changing the way we look and Treat Addiction.
  • A union of compassionate,empathic,educated people who realize, in order to help our loved ones, we must change.
  • Come together..Building..A simple concept..Instead of tearing down!
  • A merging of every program,treatment,belief that used to stand alone .Each proclaiming their way was the best..and only path to recovery!
  • Embracing each other..Celebrating the triumphs..Respecting our differences,yet seeing the common goal for all, is saving our loved ones..no matter the path!!
  • Families..Love that they stress how important our role truly is! How working on our own recovery is not only paramount..but impacts the recovery of our loved ones..no matter the path we take!
  • Changing the stigma associated with vile words, such as Junkie..Addict..New Buzz Word..SUD!! Substance Use Disorder/Disease..Much kinder..Changing the way our loved ones look at themselves!! Not as Junkies..hopeless addicts..scum..Dam I hate those words!! perhaps changing the way others..the public... views addiction..there is power in them there words Mamma...
We are in neck deep in the biggest drug epidemic of all times...Something has to change..This is change..Positive Empowering Change..xoxo

United We C.A.N.
Change Addiction Now!


  1. Compassion, understanding and love is a huge part of a person's recovery. A year and a half ago, my addicted daughter's boyfriend - who was physically abusive to her and committing crimes each night to buy drugs and a generally horrible kid I despised, got on methadone. My daughter also was prescribed methadone a few months later. We decided to give her boyfriend the same support as our daughter. His own family wasn't as supportive so we allowed him to live with us. The change has been completely amazing! Both have been clean for over a year and both work fulltime. The boy I despised has gone on to become a great young man whom I respect and care about. It is hard for me to associate the person he was a couple of years ago with the respectful caring person I live with now. It wasn't easy at first but treating addiction like we would treat any other disease soon became second nature as we made sure they got to doctor apts, the pharmacy, counsellors, etc., which resulted in both of them gaining back their self esteem and feeling like they could beat this disease. Because we cared, they learned to care about themselves again.

  2. I am so happy for you all!! My son's recovery is also the methadone route..I did learn to separate my son from the vile "disease" of addiction..That his actions were a symptom of his disease..and not a moral failing on my part or his ! It was by far the biggest challenge of my life..To get myself healthy..so I could understand his disease and help ..not hinder..I hope all our kids out there find their path to recovery..xoxo