Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Another Holiday..As far as I have come in my own recovery, I wonder if we ever truly fully recover, from our child's turbulent journey..

Most of us are sentimental creatures..We love to think back on holidays past..when are children were small and we loved to see the excitement in their eyes,The family gatherings and so much love and laughter.That's what memories are of..The Happy Times..Family.

Addiction changes those memories.

This Easter my son is in recovery,but we all know this can change.. at anytime ...and the cycle starts again.We must learn to make new memories. 

I wish this Journey on no parent.Every now and again the nightmares come back.Last night was one of those nights.I actually had to open his door to make sure he was there.

I guess that's what brought me here today..

Never give up hope..
Miracles happen everyday..
Today we celebrate a Miracle..xoxo

Happy Easter

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  1. You are so right about holidays being difficult for parents of kids with addictions. Both of my kids are in recovery and I am incredibly grateful for that. Most days I can keep all the bad memories locked up inside but holidays are real hard. Along with the bad memories of many holidays gone bad, accepting that normal things like high school graduation is not in my child's near future, is incredibly difficult. Addiction has robbed my family of so much but it has not destroyed us. I thank God everyday that my kids are still alive and are in recovery.